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Body Cream and Soap Shea Butter Bundle

Body Cream and Soap Shea Butter Bundle

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    Our Body Cream and Soap Shea Butter Bundle is perfect for your face and body.

    Save 10% on our top three products: lavender cream, oatmeal soap, and tea tree soap. This bundle will keep your skin nourished and moisturized. 

    Lavender Honeysuckle

    Soothe your senses and your skin with our Lavender Honeysuckle Body Butter Cream. The calming aroma of lavender harmonizes with the sweet, lush scent of honeysuckle, creating a sensory experience that relaxes your mind and nourishes your skin.

    Oatmeal Spice Shea Bar Soap

    The comfort of cinnamon, coupled with the spicy depth of clove oil in our Oatmeal Spice soap, provides a natural anti-bacterial cleanse. Their warming properties soothe your skin and relaxes your mind for overall rejuvenation.

    Tea Tree Charcoal Shea Bar Soap

    Bask in the power of tea tree oil and charcoal, renowned for their cleansing and detoxifying qualities. Our Tea Tree Charcoal soap draws out impurities, deeply cleanses your skin, and minimizes pores, promoting a healthy glow.

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