What’s In Your Shea Butter Product?

Shea Yeleen blends pure, unrefined shea butter with essential oils and natural ingredients to create moisturizing, nourishing Body Butters, Soaps, Body Balms, and Lip Balms. Here is a glossary of various ingredients found in our products:


Shea Butter

Contains high levels of fatty acids, vitamins A, E, F, restores skin elasticity

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride

liquid derived from Coconut Oil used to protect the skin and stabilize natural oils

Cetyl Esters

Used as an emollient and thickener, derived from saturated fatty alcohols and acids from vegetable-based sources

Chamomile Flower Extract (Matricaria Recuitita)

A botanical that contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and is useful for sensitive and allergy-prone skin

Cocoa Pod

Helps to relieve rashes, eczema and scalp irritations, soothes blemishes and acne, softens damaged, dry and aging skin balances oily skin

Coconut Oil

Rich in antioxidants that prevent aging and skin-strengthening vitamin E

Comfrey Extract (Symphytum Officinale)

A botanical used to promote skin cell regeneration and known for anti-inflammatory properties


An excellent humectant that helps keep skin moisturized and supple, derived from vegetable-based sources

Glyceryl Stearate SE

Wax used to protect and lubricate the skin, derived from glycerin and stearic acid, a fatty acid obtained from vegetable fats and oils

Glycol Stearate

Used as an emollient and emulsion stabilizer, composed of ethylene glycol and stearic acid, a naturally occurring fatty acid

Olive Oil

Rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, and antioxidants, helps repair and renew aging and damaged the skin


Reduces irritation and inflammation of the skin.

Benzyl Alcohol

Effective in preventing bacteria, yeast, and mold.


A polyhydroxy acid (PHA) and is derived from corn via a fermentation process. The gluconolactone component is used in the food and cosmetic industry as a moisturizer and antioxidant that is effective against bacteria.

Sunflower Oil

Rich in beta-Carotene, vitamin E and antioxidants, helps prevent premature signs of aging

Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract

A botanical that offers healing and anti-inflammatory properties

Vitamin E (Tocopherol)

A fat-soluble vitamin and naturally-occurring antioxidant used to protect the skin and as a natural preservative, derived from vegetable oil

Xantham Gum

A natural polysaccharide used as a thickener and emulsion stabilizer, derived from glucose or corn syrup