Tips on Stress Relief for Healthy Skin

If you are stressed out your skin will suffer! The side effects of stress on skin include premature wrinkling, dryness and dark circles under your eyes. This occurs because stress reduces the amount of collagen by releasing a hormone called cortisol in the body that leads to these symptoms of stress.

Here are simple ways to get stress relief and keep the body and mind feeling calm and at peace resulting in healthier looking skin:

Exercise in any form is one of the best stress relievers. Increasing your heart rate and sweating allows you to get rid of toxins by increasing blood circulation, which gives you better radiant looking skin.

Sleep is another important factor. 8 hours of sleep is imperative to all. The right amount of sleep helps the mind and body recharge giving you a refreshed and healthy glow.

Healthy diet is a must. Don’t skip meals and instead focus on having a balanced diet. The food you put in your mouth directly reflects on your skin, hence avoid oily and junk food. Instead choose fresh fruits and veggies. Check out our previous blog post to learn more.

Alone time is vital for all. Take a break for yourself! Read a book, go to a spa, watch a movie or even enjoy a bath. Do anything that you love doing.

Love yourself and remember managing your stress is a great way to ensure that your skin is at its best!