Best Summer Foods for Healthy Skin


Its finally the season we have all been waiting for – Summer! Our days out in the sun can dry and dehydrate our skin. Here are some of our favorite summer foods, that will help keep skin glowing throughout the season.


Fruits are high in vitamins and also help keep your body feeling light and hydrated. Some of the fruits that are best suited for the summer include watermelon, cherries, pineapple and citrus fruits like oranges. Avoid mangoes and papaya as they are fruits that increase body temperature.


Don’t have heavy meals during the summer. Instead indulge in salads and use vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, corn and red bell peppers that can easily digest in your body. These vegetables are fresh and also produce positive results for your skin. For example - tomatoes reduce the effects of sun burn and redness.


One of the most important steps to healthy skin during the summer is hydrating. It’s not only just what you put on your skin that protects it, but also what you put in your body. Always consume large amounts of water as you tend to sweat due to the rise in outdoor temperatures. There are various fun ways in which you can have a lot of liquids, some of which include

  • Berries infused with water – Raspberries and Blueberries are high in fiber and help burn fat. When these berries are infused with water, they have a great flavor and are very refreshing.
  • Green tea – Yes, Green tea is a hot drink and most people would prefer iced coffee instead but Green tea helps the body effectively release perspiration and also removes various toxins from your body.  This is very beneficial in acquiring that natural inner glow.
  • Coconut Water – One of the most popular summer favorites is Coconut water. It not only tastes great but also has a lot of great qualities that include hydration and anti-aging components.

Grilled over Fried

Avoid eating oily meals. Switch from fried foods to grilled foods like chicken or salmon. The fatty acids in salmon helps to keep skin moisturized and soft. High intakes of meat increases the body temperature and could lead to skin breakouts during the summer. Instead choose smaller portions of meat and larger portions and veggies and other greens.

Light Snacks

When you have the cravings for snacks, say a BIG NO to salty snacks like chips and instead chose lighter and healthier alternatives like flavored yogurt or carrots. It’s very important to have light portions and stay hydrated as your digestive system is very sensitive and takes more time to digest food.